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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Last weekend the gang celebrated my boyfriend's 25th birthday at whistler, the home of the 2010 winter olympics.

no, it's not coffee. it's one of his creation and he calls it "ORGY" lol


winter outdoor swimming haha


@ old spaghetti factory

TOSF staff singing "happy birthday" to him!

getting ready to jump ...

HIS "im like a bird" moment
& MY "heart attact" moment LOL

here's the video of his bungee jumping!!

oh and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! i will be dressing up as a club bunny tonight! im so excited! Take care y'all and be safe! muaaah!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Last friday was my grad ceremony and was held at the pacific palisades hotel. I received my travel & tourism diploma and now I am still looking for a job. After dinner, i went clubbing with a couple of friends and my bf to celebrate :)

I got my hair done at the salon..

my "bff" at achool :)

horrible quality of the pic :(

some of my classmates

the parents <3

thanks ladies for coming

the love of my life

w/ my two loves

my makeup for grad/clubbing

ready to hit the clubbbbb!

Also, follow me on twitter :) (aprilrovi) .. I signed up long time ago but i barely update it. I'm thinking of updating it now :) what you think?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

dinner cruise// ebay package.

Hi my lovelies! I went for a dinner cruise with my dear JP last sunday october 18th..along granville island and west vancouver i think.
The food was incredibly delicious! Here's some pictures :

waiting for our boarding time.. it's that yacht behind us!

He looks so tall :)

self-timer LOL we placed one of the chairs on the table and used it as a tripod haha

definitely had some good quality time together <3

ohh i got my package from ebay the other day..i bought the bumpits and the smashbox o-gloss intuitive lipgloss. i have yet to do reviews on these SPECIALLY the smashbox lipgloss which is totally my HG!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving here in canada. =)

Last friday, i went to my friend's house and drove around the neighborhood. Roxanne finally got her car!! After few mins of driving around, they were studying for their upcoming exam .. and i was doing my nails! Oh and lol Then we went to a small house party of a friend and thats about it for that day.

She got me a random gift

The mug i have been eyeingin her room hahah

closer look!

Roxanne driving =)

ready to partyyy

Then last Saturday I went clubbing with a couple of friends at century house. Proceeds will go to the victims of typhoon ondoy/ketsana that recently hit philippines. It was so so much fun!


I also did my friend's make up =)

We got free movie pass ( i forgot the title of the movie)

Sunday - Welcome back boyfriend <3 hehe. I went to the airport to pick him up. I was so excited to see him again. I missed him oh so much! When we got home (bf's house). there were two huge turkeys waiting for us! LOL I dont eat turkey but i had to force myself ahahah it wasnt that bad. So yeah we had turkey for lunch! LOL then for dinner, we went to my house. my parents ordered takeouts from PIN-PIN restaurant (filipino cuisine). Dang. I was stuffed it was soooooo good! then after dinner we went back to my boyfriends house and decided to watch 9/11 movie. Im not exactly sure of the title.

Yesterday (monday)I had work from 9-5. After work, bf & i went to our friend's house at North Vancouver for another thanksgiving dinner. We were also planning our Whister trip on the 24th =)


Wow! what a long weekend! I probably gained 20 pounds from all that foood! LOL im so glad JP is back =)

Ok thats it lovelies! Take care !

Thursday, October 8, 2009

H10M + NARS!!

First off, today is my bf & I's 10th month anniversary. He's in winnipeg right now.. he left yesterday.. and will be back on sunday. I MISS HIM ALREADY!

my other half <3

ok on the brighter side, after dropping off my bf at the airport i went to the mall with kamile. i FINALLY decided to buy NARS orgasm blush at sephora and i loooovee it :) It was either i buy my dress for grad which will be in a couple of weeks or the NARS orgasm.. i had to choose the blush! LOL so because of that i decided to punish myself. i will be wearing one of my dresses hanging on my closet that i dont even wear because i keep buying new ones everytime.

i promise to swatch next time.. im too lazy at the moment lol

OH and i went to watch this movie the other day called PANDORUM and it was a waste of money!a bunch of people walked out halfway of the movie lol just wanted to let you guys know ... hahaha bf wanted to watch jennifer's body because OFCOURSE megan fox is there.. but the showing time is too late i had to work the next day. so thats it my dear lovelies!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hello my lovelies! So i went clubbing last night at THE BOSS with my ladies . it was a fun girls night out :)

I found my new LOVE. MAC mineralized eyeshadow in Gilt by Association from Style Black collection :))

Getting ready ... w/ kamile my "japenese" doll

w/ roxanne my bebe doll .. lol

animal print FTW! lol

We went to pub first to pre-drink.

ew you see my face after drinking that tequila shot? LOL

ok that's all . definitely gonna hit the club next sat again lol