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Thursday, October 8, 2009

H10M + NARS!!

First off, today is my bf & I's 10th month anniversary. He's in winnipeg right now.. he left yesterday.. and will be back on sunday. I MISS HIM ALREADY!

my other half <3

ok on the brighter side, after dropping off my bf at the airport i went to the mall with kamile. i FINALLY decided to buy NARS orgasm blush at sephora and i loooovee it :) It was either i buy my dress for grad which will be in a couple of weeks or the NARS orgasm.. i had to choose the blush! LOL so because of that i decided to punish myself. i will be wearing one of my dresses hanging on my closet that i dont even wear because i keep buying new ones everytime.

i promise to swatch next time.. im too lazy at the moment lol

OH and i went to watch this movie the other day called PANDORUM and it was a waste of money!a bunch of people walked out halfway of the movie lol just wanted to let you guys know ... hahaha bf wanted to watch jennifer's body because OFCOURSE megan fox is there.. but the showing time is too late i had to work the next day. so thats it my dear lovelies!


SweetShuGa said...

ahh i really wanna buy that Nars orgasm blush and the Irr├ęsistiblement bronzing powder...i went to sephora @ downtown but both of them were already sold out=(..
how do you like the orgasm blush so far?

mademoiselle april said...
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Toothfairynotes said...

I love that blush. I also have the multiple in the same color, loving it!


abby said...

i swatched the blush at sephora and i really want to buy it but seems a bit too pricey for me. but it is a very lovely color. ill probably be lemming it for a while until i get the funds for it, haha.