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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Big Clothing & Makeup Haul!

I'm back my lovelies!! Yes I'm still alive :)
How are y'all doing? I went to seattle premium outlet and ross twice for the past two weeks. It's almost a 2-hour drive from our place to Marysville, Washington including the long wait at the border. We are leaving on wednesday march 31st to philippines and so we have been buying stuff for our relatives back there. Can i just say how much i love ROSS dress for less!!!!! It's like winners here in Canada but better & cheaper :)) Here a bunch of clothing & shoes that I purchased at Ross and the outlet:

This gladiator sandal was buy one get one half off at GUESS :) my mom has the other pair.

Please ignore the white sticky part. The only thing i hate about ROSS is how they put they're price tags on :( i had a hard time removing them ugh!!

I loveeee this maxi dress i got at Ross :) perfect for summer walking along the seawall or the beach!!!!

$14.99 ROSS just a cute summer dress


I can make this as off the shoulder shirt with bikini swimsuit under! I need to cover my flabs hahaha

I am totally digging the color

long baby doll dressy top ( also perfect to wear over the 2piece bikini )

Nine west has nice shoes!! gray is definitely my black this year

COACH swing pack


This is what the inside looks like ( as you can see i got a lot of junk)

I got this from walmart for $ 12

Boyfriend blazer from GUESS ( one of my favourite purchase )

GUESS tank

I got this for $5 at walmart! can you believe it?!!

I also hauled a lot of makeup for the past 2 weeks. OMG this needs to stop! it is doing serious damage on my wallet. I need to go to rehab lol

Also, if you have any questions at all feel free to ask away on my formspring: aprilrovi (click)


charlene-ann said...

LOVE the haul girl! especially the clothes =D

Gaby said...

The Haters Love Me tank made me laugh! I like the Guess one too. The shoes from Nine West looks cute ^^ And I love Lash Blast! I haven't tried LashBlast Length tought, but I'd like to know what you think of it (=

ko0ty said...

Hey babe... I love your buys! I can't wait to go shopping for more spring/summery stuff especially flats and sandals!

MizzJ said...

Cute shoe and makeup haul!! Do I spy some High Beam highlighter and CG LashBlast? Me like!!

Tell me your Holy Grail mascara and you could win a must-have beauty prize!!

lindah said...

HOLY SHIT WOMAN!! :O WHERE THE F*CK YOU GET THEM NUDE SHOES?!?!?! I swear my ross sucks or something because I never find good shit there! :( I've been looking for some for like months nowww and I'm about to quit! haha xD But great haul though :D I'm super jealous! (especially because of the shoes)

If I applied concealer on my lips... man I should open my eyes because I obviously needed to get another shade! haha, I bet my concealer would look prettier as a nude than FLESHPOT! xD But I guess it's a good layering color? *shrugs*

Karen said...

I love your haul April! I see quite a few blue clothing items and I love that kind of blue shade too - it's a really pretty colour. The two pairs of Guess shoes/sandals you got are really nice. I wish they had a Ross here now because I like Winners quite a bit and who couldn't use a better version of Winners? LOL
Oh I totally feel the same way now regarding my purchases - esp makeup and such. I have so much that I can't even use most of them :\
Have an awesome trip to the Philippines :)

misscindee said...

hey april, love that cute bikini.