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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

saturday night out // TAGS (PIC HEAVY)

Last saturday, a bunch of my friends and I went clubbing!! it's been a while for me.
We had so much fun! I got home around 5am. I would like to share few pictures with y'all.

OFCOURSE i did their makeup too :)

As you can see i changed outfit lol

I was tagged by two lovelies, Karen & Destinee =) thanks!

Here are the rules:

1. Post a picture from your childhood (less than 13 yrs old).
2. Write about the picture.
3. Tag your friends and readers.

Here is a picture of me, 4 (i think) and my brother, 5. This was pic of us back then in the philippines. We are 11 months apart and that is why i am closer to him than my other brother. Whenever i look at this picture i always make fun of his chuck taylor shoes and my chubby cheeks. Until now, i am still chubby =/

Here's what my bro looks like now ( in white) the other guy is my bf :)

I tag :
Mz Pangee
Katie Gene

I was also tagged by Megan ^_^ this time i will be listing the top ten honest things about me. here they are:

1. I was diagnosed with Acute Bacterial Meningitis about 3 years ago during my vacation in the philippines. i was 50/50 . thank God i survived :)

2. People often mistaken me as east indian. Probably because of my complexion and stuff.

3. When im not out, i spend 20 hours in my bf's house. lol

4. Nsync is my all time favourite :)

5. I used to have an account on asianavenue,apt107,xkube, vancouverXchange, neopets & all that crap. lol

6. My last name was suppose to be "CO" but we took my grandfather's first name instead which is "TAN"

7.I looked like a boy when i was kid. i wasnt allowed to grow my hair long. i remember one time i had a haircut just like my 2 brothers. people couldnt tell if i was a boy or girl. sigh lol ( i wish i could show you my pic but i can't find them)

8. my most embarassing moment was when i tripped as i was crossing the pedestrian in the middle of a busy intersection (about 3 yrs ago) because of the heels i was wearing.. everyone were staring at me =0 lol

9. i never believed in LDR, until i met JP. <3

10. I want to get engaged by 23 and get married by 24-25 and have 3 kids =) hehe

wow i never thought it'd be so difficult to complete this list haha

Miss P


MzPangee said...

you look gorgeous as always =)

and thanks for the tag, i'll be sure to do it ^_^

-AnGiEpInK- said...

i love your outfit and i love your makeup..gorgeous..

Molly Tamale said...

Why thank you April. Wow that purple eyeshadow looks great on you. I think purple eyeshadow/clothes look great on brown eyes & brown haired girls. Especially Asian too.

That's a cute dress too. You remind me of Leina *MakeupbyLeinnaa or what her sn is haha*

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

you look gorgeous girl <3
the picture of you when you were younger is so cute!! haha what a fun tag :D xx

Anonymous said...

You look stunning babe. Love your style and your eye makeup is always so gorgeous =)

Karen said...

Clubbing is so much fun isn't it - esp after not going for awhile.
You look gorgeous April :) That purple dress is really flaterring and I don't know what you're talking about - you have a great figure (you're not chubby!) and you don't look East Indian at all.
Awwww, and you and your brother look so cute! You guys are so close in age like me and my younger sister are ;)
And thank you for tagging me :) I'll get onto it!

charlene-ann said...

oohhhh, I like the look & the outfit! very hot! =D

MizzJ said...

Wha??? You don't look East Indian AT ALL! Some people got no eyes haha. I love your FOTN, that purple shadow is so awesome, I want to try that! haha ok random question, but is that club Fabric??? hahaha yes, I'm a bit of a club rat.