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Thursday, June 10, 2010

BFF's Grad // Dinner Date // Mini haul video

Last wednesday, June 2nd, my bestfriend graduated from college. Yay congratulations donna!

(Photos courtesy of Donna)

I'm so proud of my girl

our other bff :)

red roses courtesy of her boy

trying to wave like a beauty queen lol

Last sunday, JP & I went to the theatre and watched Alice in wonderland. Johnny Depp is his favorite actor. Theatre was pretty empty. The movie was great. Then we went to Joe Fortes seafood restaurant downtown for dinner. Great atmosphere & ambiance. i must say and there was also a piano playing in the background. Service was alright not exceptional and the food was delicious especially their crab cakes! While JP was drinking his beer he felt something hard in his mouth and surprisingly he found a very tiny piece of glass. He wasn't sure if it came from the glass or the cup of soup but whichever it is he was shocked and scared at the same time. He called the attention of our server right away to complain then their manager came to our table to apologize. We ended up getting our dinner for free that night. Anyway here are some of our photos

Dungeness Crab Cake

Jumbo Prawn Linguine

Tahitian Vanilla Crème Brûlée


BFF and I went shopping together and we decided to film a haul video for fun


SweetShuGa said...

haha, the video made me laugh the whole time. You guys should do this more often, its so fun to watch both of you

I buy my wet&wild @walmart..they have everything in that store..i love their lipsticks..esp that eyeshadow palette..i'll post it in my blog..wen i have

oh girl pls hook me up wd ur discount..i wnna try YSL lipsticks..=( ohh and dat mac pink novuoe?? lipstickk i wnna get that too..looks nice hahaha...

nikki.k said...

Oh that food looks yummy and your BF look so cute together!

Karen said...

Hey April :) You and your friend Donna look gorgeous and your video was fun to watch! I love Urban Decay like Donna - I shopped at Sephora as soon as they launched in Toronto and actually didn't go to MAC until waaay later ;)
Oh and I love your aviators! Did you get them recently? I'm on the look out for a pair that look decent on my face but it's hard because my face is round LOL
OMG that's crazy that your boyfriend had a glass chip in his drink. Good thing he didn't swallow it :\

Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

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