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Monday, January 4, 2010

last haul swatches // perfume collection

I did a swatch on the new eyeshadows that i showed you from my last post.

( sorry for the blurriness. i couldn't get my stubborn camera to focus )
L-R: PURE by Carlos Di Roma make me pure eyeshadow, NARS mekong e/s, URBAN DECAY chronic eyeshadow matte

I purchased the make me pure eyeshadow from rexall. This week they are having the PURE cosmetics on sale again for 75% off!!! Grab one for yourself while it's not too late ( i think they are only sold in canada). They also sell it at london drugs but they never go on sale there. The shade that i got is a grey pearl. Gorgeous color! Perfect for smokey eyes :) i just apply it all over the lid then blend out the areas around my crease to fade out or for dramatic look i apply a matte black eyeshadow on the crease from outer to inner corner.
The next one is NARS mekong eyeshadow. OMG! it's like the pretties dark brown i've ever seen. It's an espresso dark brown colour with tiny gold sparkles and it's soft. But you have to be very careful when applying this eyeshadow because when you swipe once a lot of product goes on. so it might have fall out here and there. i love it!! it's super pigmented! i promise to do a tutorial on this because it's like my favourite eyeshadow at the moment =)
My next product is the URBAN DECAY chronic eyeshadow. It's a light green matte eyeshadow. It has an ultra soft texture and it's not chalky at all. I have not tried this eyeshadow yet i just swatched it. So i dont really have much to say about this eyeshadow. I guess it's just one of those products you want to add for collection purposes hehe.

Now onto the perfumes.. i just decided to do a post on my perfume collection which i don't have a lot of.

Celine Dion Belong ( no i did not try to steal the bottle cuz as you can see it's a tester LOL i work at shoppers drug mart and they were giving it away), Guess for women, Versace red jeans (im not digging the smell, it was gift. lol) , Moschino I love love, heavenly dream angels victoria secret, & clinique happy

davidoff cool water & viva la juicy ( i didnt realize that i took a picture of clinique happy twice)

Versace bright crystal, Salvatore ferregamo incanto shine, Burberry london weekend

I'm still trying to collect some more.. next on my list are LANCOME miracle & one of those cute harajaku (sp?) perfumes in either LOVE or MUSIC.

ok that's all lovelies! I'm watching avatar tomorrow with boyfriend! OMG! we went to the theatre twice to see it but it was always freaking SOLD OUT! so i bought advance ticket! we'll see if it will live up to its hype. all my friends are telling me that it's like the best movie ever!! hahaha goodnight!


xphoebelinax said...

thank you for the swatches hon! :) i love your perfumes! i like clinique happy :) but at the moment i'm using narciso rodriguez :)

ko0ty said...

Omg I have a bottle of Lancome Miracle that I don't like at all!! Buy it off me! Lol. I only used one sprit and that (and the lotion) at Shoppers with the employee discount since my mom works there. =(

What's your favorite perfume?

LADYJANE said...

That is a huge perfume collection! I get really annoyed at my perfume bottles cause they take up so much space and I don't even have as many as you do haha. I'm so attracted to the Juicy bottles, with the gold and big bow, but I haven't had the chance to smell it yet.

Soo, did you end up watching Avatar? I want to watch it again!

sharlene said...

i love the juicy perfume! i dont own it yet but i spray it all over when i go to macys lol

i nominated u for an award on my blog!


Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

I've been obsessing over trying out different perfumes lately so your blog caught my attention :D Nice collection! I love the packaging for Viva La Juicy and I used to wear the Incanto Dream everyday :) xx

kanishk said...

love the juicy perfume! i dont own it yet

lise charmel

April said...

Hi April! My name is April too! I found your blog on Leina's blog comment and I love your blog so much! April, you are sooo prettty! OMG I ordered like two different Mario Badescu kits in the mail with different emails and while back and got them both a while ago. I love their skincare products! Wow you have a lot of perfume!

SweetShuGa said...
just wanna comment on this one..
coz wow u have so much perfume...hehe

i only got 4 =( said...

Its really amazing what a perfect perfume collection like it. :)