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Friday, September 11, 2009


It was a beautiful sunny day today! It has been raining for the past few days here in vancouver. Thank God the sun came out! BUT don't you just hate those days when it's bright and sunny outside and you're stuck at work :S I got off at 6pm so the sun was still out. My boyfriend surprisingly picked me up at work today then off we went to downtown. We met up with a couple of friends and had dinner at this authentic korean restaurant down at robson st. I dont remember the name. . .uhh NOOBOO restaurant? LOL i dont know. it was goooood i LOOOVEE barbequed beef short ribs! After dinner, we decided to hang out at the beach ( English bay) and while we were walking we passed by a Liquor store and so we ended up drinking at English bay lol. The weather was perfect! Not too hot & not too cold. We just headed home after because i got tired & sleepy from the walking. I should be sleeping right now but i decided to blog :)


Kym said...

hey girl! found you through Lady L's site and saw that you're a vancouverite! hehe! ;P ( i am too) yeah, the weather last week was kinda weird... wednesday i thought 'okay its the start of fall now that we've got rain' then suddenly it felt like summer again!!! hayyy, gotta love vancouver ;P take care!

Anonymous said...

hey hun Love your page!
Check out my new blog! take care =)