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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I went to eat out with my bff at gold train express for lunch before she heads out to school ( first day) . I was craving for pho, a vietnamese soup i guess lol. We were just talking about random things then we saw a prostitute outside trying to look for customers lol


chicken and beef balls pho ( YumMmM)

After our lunch, i met up with my 2 lovelies at the mall. I bought few items from MAC =)))

I finally got myself a palette!! I have been wanting to buy one because I always have a hard time closing my makeup drawer because all the eyeshadow pots wont fit. So I will probably start my depotting tomorrow. Plus, I think its more convenient for me so that I dont have to dig through the eyeshadows trying to look for the one i need. I also got 2 of those eyeshadow refill pans ( only sold at pro stores). I got goldmine & tempting. Im thinking of exchanging my tempting because i have time&space and it's very similar to that. I didnt realize it until i got home. They didnt have violet trance in a pro pan because it is a limited edition so i just bought the regular one. I can always depot it.
My good friend roxanne bought me the 219 brush as my long overdue birthday present. She kept insisting that she'll buy it for me. thanks roxy =))))

Today is also my bf and I's 9 month anniversary! I just went to his house and watched movies. He didnt want to go out because he was too tired from work.

i love you more & more each day <3


... said...

why and why would you mention the prostitute? haha seemed like we live in a ghetto place which is not true..hahaha. ooohhh my first comment.

and what happen to your comments at my blog? haha jokes.

J//Enny said...

congrats on your first palette! =] love the purple you chose.

cabyness said...

Great MAC Haul! Following you now :)