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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FOTD: 01/23/10 & Mini Haul

I just want to share a video on my saturday's face of the day :)

I was planning to go to the mall to return a buffalo bag i purchased from winners but my bf fell asleep :( so we just went straight to his friend's party. We decided to leave the party at 1 am then we went to his place to hang out and watch filipino shows online but we fell asleep and woke up at 430am. We decided to go and have some pho (vietnamese soup). Then he went to my house and we watch maid in manhattan . yeahhh i know old movie but that was the only dvd i found at home lol he went home around 7am it was bright outside alreadyyy and i fell asleep again around 9am. what a night/morning! lol so anyways enough with the rambling there and here's the video:

I am lovinggg my headband =) I got it from icing by claires long time ago. I have a current obssesion on headbands with bow hehe one of my co-worker said that i look like a gift whenever i wear them because of the bow lol

Picture swatches of the haul:

I have the MAC deep blue green pigment on the left and from top to bottom: Maybelline moisture extreme in nude blush, NYX megashine in sweetheart, NYX goddess of the night beige, Maybelline colour sensational in warm me up.

Sephora by OPI and then he said ( ew to my fat fingers LOL)

UPCLOSE: MAC deep blue green pigment ( my very first mac pigment). GORGEOUS color!! the color is very much true to the name. It's very dark as you can see but in the light you can see blue/green shimmers in it!

OH one more thing! i recently joined the formspring community. so if you have any question about anything feel free to ask me Dont be shy cuz you can ask anonymously if you want =) bye now!


xphoebelinax said...

i love your headband! it's so cute! i definitely need one for school :D

i have the deep blue green pigment and it is sooo pretty but when i try to blend it, all the pigment just goes away :(

Mz. More said...

You look adorable. Your headband is too cute, I love it!

Karen said...

Hey April! I love your makeup and you're looking beautiful as always :) Thanks for always making tutorials on your looks - it really helps me out with my crappy makeup skills LOL.
Oh and I love MAC deep blue green pigment too.
Wow and the NYX Goddess of the Night Beige lipgloss is so pigmented - such a pretty pink colour. I think I have to get it too!

ko0ty said...

Beautiful pics! Are you wearing Circle Lens? Your eyes are stunning babe

MizzDestinee said...

I love bow headbands soo cute! and also loveeee pho!!!

I tagged you on my blog =)

Rai said...

Pretty look!
MAC deep blue green pigment is the ONLY pigment on own. lol

Christine said...

love the smokey eye!


Kate Gene said...

You are so funny! You don't have fat fingers at all! I love that nail polish. It's very pretty!

That headband is super cute! I love headbands with flowers on them! <3

Thanks for doing all those swatches... I know those take time!


6o4honey said...

love the makeup! you look so cute with the headband :)

xox fellow vancouverite

Fifi said...

I love this look! What falsies you use? Just curious, they look real good on you :D