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Monday, September 21, 2009

update// make-up haul // bad news

Hey lovelies! Sorry for being MIA! I've been neglecting my blog due to my usual lazyness. I always tell myself that i will blog by the end of the night but by that time comes i fall asleep lol. I want to makeup for it and do some sort of a rest of the week happenings. We had a major black out in our area on wednesday. It was horrible! Good thing my mom stocked up on her scented candles like always LOL. My dad also got a lot of flashlights.. because we go camping a lot. I didnt want to stay home because there was no power that means no computer,tv etc. So what the freak am i suppose to do in the dark? DANCE NAKED? lol I got my bf to pick me & my brother up to grab us coffee.

So here comes the bad news...

On friday morning when i just got off the bed my right eye was hurting and i looked in the mirror it was red. I GOT SCARED. So I decided to wear my glasses instead of my lenses. I went to an eye doctor right after work and he told me that I have a bacterial infection =S ( just as i suspected). SO he gave me the antibiotic prescriptions. Apparently, I havent been rinsing my lenses thoroughly and sometimes i wear more than 10 hours. SAD. I now learned my lesson.

SO for all of you people who wear contact lenses on a daily basis, make sure you rinse them thoroughly right after use to prevent protein build ups which cause the infection. Wash your hands before you put them on and before taking them off because if you do not bacterias/germs will contaminate your lenses. Here's a quick step by step method on how to store your lenses. First, take off your lenses and place in your palm, squirt a small amount of solution onto your contacts and let it soak for 3 seconds. Then, GENTLY rub them to remove proteins and buildups. Finally, put them in a CLEAN lens case and fill it up with a solution. I was really stupid. I would just take off my lenses and throw them in the cases and fill it up with the solution. Take good care of your eyes because you only have one set.

On the weekends we went to this jewish centre to look after 30-40 kids. The pay is pretty good so we decided to do it since we dont work on the weekends. Also over the weekend, I went to MAC and shoppers drug mart.
Here are the things i got:

RIMMEL lipstick in Airy Fairy
GOSH face primer
MAC Woodwinked & Amberlights e/s
GOSH velvet touch eyeliner in Pretty Petrol
GOSH waterproof eyeshadow in Love that ivory & love that purple

Here are the swatches from left to right:

GOSH waterproof eyeshadow love that ivory,love that purple, pretty petrol eyeliner, mac woodwinked, Amberlights
Bottom one is the airy fairy lipstick.

I got the waterproof eyeshadows as a base for my shadows so they can stick to my skin better and would make the shadows more vibrant. They remind me of the shadesticks from MAC.
I will probably fill my MAC palette with more neutrals because they are wearable.
As for the primer, I havent tried it yet. But when i swatched it had the same consistency as the smashbox primers. I've always wanted to get a primer but i just feel that they are not that important to add to my foundation routine but i wanna give it a try and see if i like it.
I bought the lipstick because Fafinettex3 has been raving about them So i went ahead and got it.

So thats all for now. what a long post! take care lovelies!


SweetShuGa said...

nice mac haul.
i also have that GOSH love that ivory-.
&& sorry to hear about ur eye
hope it feels better now..

mademoiselle april said...

thanks =)

Elise said...

I have that GOSH - it's great stuff !

Clarissa said...

i got pretty careless with my contacts and I one of my eyes was in so much pain when I put it in this was due to build up and not thoroughly cleaning it. I guess we have to learn the long way hehe